Bell pepper pesto

Hey, it’s April! On the blog, this month is all about the…

bell pepper!

They are available in many different colors and super rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. A great Veggie of the Month that’s really good for you!

Did you know you could use bell peppers to make a fabulous pesto?


Bell Pepper Pesto 5


Bell Pepper Pesto 6


Bell Pepper Pesto 3


Bell Pepper Pesto 2


Bell Pepper Pesto 1


Bell pepper pesto

What you need:
2-3 red bell peppers (you need 150g, peeled)
100g pine nuts
100g ricotta
30ml canola oil
70ml olive oil

What you do:
There are two different peeling methods – using a special peeler with a serrated blade or with the oven-roasting method. Either way, cut them in half and remove seeds, stems and anything white. Then…

…using the oven: Cut the bell peppers in quarters, put them on a lined baking sheet, let them roast skin side up under the broiler in the oven at 220°C/430°F until the skin starts to turn black – don’t wait too long. Then put them into an airtight plastic container, let them cool and then take off the skin.

… using the peeler: Peel the bell peppers, cut them in chunks and let them cook in a skillet covered with a lid, for about 5 minutes over medium heat. They should be a little soft, but not mushy.

Roast the pine nuts in a skillet over medium heat until they are golden brown and smell great (stir occasionally and keep an eye on them, they burn easily). Weigh out 150g of bell pepper and place it in a food processor. Add ricotta, pine nuts, canola oil and a little salt and pepper. Process to a smooth puree. Transfer to a bowl and add the olive oil, mix well. Check if you need to add any more salt or pepper. Add more oil or ricotta if the consistency is not the way you like it.

Pour the pesto into clean jars, cover with olive oil and close with lids. Store the pesto in the fridge.


You could eat this pesto with pasta, crostini or as a dipping sauce for chicken.

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